The library provides our users to access to departmental textbooks, economics, history, and cultural novels. Our site has membership. Users need to be a member in order to buy books. Book titles are reduced by the amount of books sold. Therefore, the most popular sellers on our site help to determine our best-seller list. Visitors can send book names that they want to see inside the site directors by e-mail.

Under our current headline, we issue a matter every month. The best seller part helps us to write.We suggest documentary, series, film to stay up - to - date on socio-cultural issues and have fun. In current episode, our site talks about popular or favorite books that come out that month. Writing sharings and comments on current information about the content of the books makes us happy.
We make different top 3 or 5 lists about different categories in every 6 months by considering our research and our own liking.
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